Showtime in India!

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It was a big day for iglide; our Indian colleagues presented “iglide on tour” to the media, officially kicking off our tour through the amazing country. We expected around 30 journalist to attend, but in the end, more than 50 showed up! What a way to start!

To start the press conference, Sales Manager Patrick Carl explained the idea behind the tour, and introduced igus plain bearings and our other product lines before handing over the mic to Anthony Kurian. Mr. Kurian, the Senior Managing Director of igus India described the work he and his team do on-site, before presenting Sales Manager Deepak Paul and Product Manager Santosh Jacob, who had the honor of presenting the media with the highlight of the day!


8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, Showtime! The Indian press conference was crazy! Loud music, fog, and flashing lights! Slowly, the back of the stage opened, and the car pulled out on the stage; the true star of the day.  Journalist rushed up to the stage to take photos of the car, which is quickly gaining attention as it prepares to travel across all of India!

After the excitement died down a bit, the guys from igus India presented a general itinerary for the car, as well as me(!!) as the driver. Afterwards, they talked about the charity organization “Make A Difference,” and let charity organizers know that igus plans to donate 100 rupee (85=1 Euro) for each kilometer we drive in the country! Make A Differene ( is a volunteer network that empowers children living on the streets and in orphanages. What a great cause!

 Finally, the night ended with a lively Q&A session. It was short, but a very exciting, successful press conference. Next stop is the New Delhi Auto Expo, before hitting the roads, and discovering incredible India!