Farewell, India!

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It’s unbelievable how fast my time in India flew by. The tour of India is already over. It feels weird, after more than five weeks, to hear no one using the horn on the streets. I guess that’s one thing that I’ll always relate to India.  🙂

Of course, igus India organized a proper goodbye event for the iglide car. One day before we handed the car over to customs we had the goodbye event, and I’d like to share the night with you:

At the beginning, a traditional south Indian band welcomed the car in front of the igus team, guests, and journalists.

After opening the evening with a traditional dance show…

Farewell, India!

… we began our program. First, the manus winners were presented. It seemed appropriate to combine the closing of our tour with the awards celebrations.

First prize and 100,000 Rupees went to the late Mr. Harshwardhan Gupta, who tragically died the night before he was announced as the winner. His daughter attended the ceremony to accept the prize on his behalf (pictured right). Mr. Gupta had perfected a file cutting machine using DryLin® along with many other parts at Neubauplan Automation.

The silver and seventy-five thousand Rupees were awarded to Mr. Munir Pansare, who works for Tata Motors. Mr. Pansare received the award for his application of applying iglide® JVSM for noise reduction in a car’s steering column. (pictured center)

Last but certainly not least, Mrs. Manhari Govankop of Mahindra & Mahindra was awarded the bronze and fifty-thousand Rupees for a tractor application utilizing igubal® WHRM spherical bearings.

After this, the volunteer network we partnered with during our time in India, Make a Difference, received a donation from igus for almost $14,000. If you don’t remember earlier posts about Make a Difference, they support children living on the streets and in shelters and orphanages in India. We agreed to donate 100 rupees for each kilometer driven during our Indian tour; we originally estimated a 4200 km drive, but we drove closer the 4600 km! This money will help ensure that dozens of children will be able to attend school.

We had an amazingly successful start to our tour. This is due to the extrodinary organization and hard work of the igus India team.

Thanks also again for the hospitality and your support. You made me feel welcome from the very first moment, and I will surely be back to visit.

My next stop with the iglide car will be Shanghai. I’ll see you guys there in a few days.