Coming to then end of the South Korean tour

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Our journey through South Korea has come to an end. The trip was short – but very sweet! We explored the entirety of the country, and visited many of our beloved customers.

Coming to then end of the South Korean tour

Busan was our last stop in South Korea, the country’s second largest city, and one of the busiest seaports worldwide. Busan is also home to one of our customers, UNICK, a automotive parts specialist. The company’s core is their production and distribution of solenoid valves, which are frequently used to control elements in fluids.

Coming to then end of the South Korean tour.2

The valves are supposed to shut off, release, distribute, or mix fluids. For a solenoid valve that is located in the gear shift, they rely on an igus piston ring. The self-lubricating ring ensures a smooth linear motion.

Mr. Park, the Head Engineer at UNICK, said he appreciates the high wear resistance, low price, and the fact that the ring is easy to assemble. He also stressed the high reliability, and mentioned that he hasn’t had any problems so far with igus components.

As we had time to spend 2 days in Busan, I had the chance to see what the city is all about. I really like that is it located in a mountainous area at the coast. They are many places where you can overlook the city and the sea. I’ve heard, though, that come summer, these views won’t let you see the sand – just people and umbrellas!

Coming to then end of the South Korean tour.3

From Busan, we headed back in the direction of Incheon, located close to Seoul where we have our South Korean igus branch. There, I’ll have to leave the car for a few days again before heading off to Taiwan! On the way back to Incheon, we visited a village completely the opposite of thriving Busan. The village is calm and preserved as a traditional Korean one.

Coming to then end of the South Korean tour.4

I want to take this moment to say a big THANK YOU! to my Korean colleagues. Thank you for your great hospitality and support; it was an awesome trip!  The next post will be in Taiwan – I’ve heard the country offers incredible natural scenery like high mountains, canyons, and tropical beaches. I’m looking forward to seeing the iglide car there!

See you in Taiwan!