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While São Paulo is the economic center of Brazil, there is a major logistical problem – There is no direct access to the sea. Because of this, all goods manufactured in São Paulo and the surrounding areas is transported to Santos, the nearest port city.


Although São Paulo has 40 times the inhabitants of Santos, with respective populations of 20 million and 500,000, Santos is essential for the big city to thrive. Ships are docking every possible minute, making Santos the biggest port in South America. Surrounding the port are dozens of logistics companies, handling large portions of the world’s coffee exports, as well as steel, oil, car, fruit, and cotton. When the massive shipping containers arrive by truck, massive Reach-Stackers get ready to unload them.


After unloaded by the Reach-Stacker, huge cranes take over, moving the massive containers around as needed. Cranes like these require many different sources of energy, including power, hydraulics, and more. To protect and guide these required cables, many use igus’ line of Energy Chain cable carriers. Very large versions of these Energy Chains are used as an alternative to festoon or bus-bar systems, which could lead to cable damage.


Santos not only has the most important port in South America, but is also a major tourist destination. As our bearings have no problems with sand or salt water, we decided to take them to the beach!

Near the shore is a hill, which has become a launch-site of sorts for paragliders. Sometimes, the air above is so filled with parachutes it is amazing they don’t collide!


From the top of the hill, we stopped for a moment to take in the great views of the entire city.


Just an hour drive from Santos is the small city of Guaruja. Here, you can experience white sand beaches, bars, palm trees, and sunbathers, much like you’d see in a Caribbean resort, not just outside Brazil’s biggest city.  Right now, being winter, it is a lovely calm place, but I can imagine the summer, crowded with beach-goers.


We are still heading South, traveling alongside the countless Argentineans heading home after the World Cup finals. Even after Germany won, the streets were alive with happiness and excitement from everyone!

I’ll keep you up to date as we head further South!