Finding Germany in Brazil

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On our way South to Brazil’s border with Argentina, we stopped into a city about 80 miles South of Curitiba, called Joinville. This city has one of the largest German populations in the country.

Finding Germany in Brazil

Brazilians of German decent are scatted throughout the country, but the overwhelming majority lives South of São Paulo. If you group all the German dialects spoken here, they would make up the second most spoken language, after Portuguese.

The first German settlers arrived in Brazil in the mid 1800’s, as a result of the German Revolution of 1848. Many of them arrived in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, where they founded the cities of Joinville, Pomerode, and Blumenau. Even today, they are keeping their German heritage alive. In Pomerode, German is the first language taught in schools, and German traditions, such as the annual “Pommernfest” have been kept alive and well. The car even got it’s photo taken with Blumenau’s Oktoberfest Princesses!!

Some of the houses are unmistakably German, and date back as far as 1860.

Finding Germany in Brazil.2 Finding Germany in Brazil.3

Besides getting our fill of Germany away from Germany, we stopped and visited customers along our travels South, this time to an agricultural equipment manufacturer. The company takes advantage of igus components in the cabins of their self-propelled sprayer systems.

Agriculture is a big part of Brazil’s economy – they are one of the largest producers of agricultural products in the world. Every year, millions of tons of sugar, coffee, grains, and more are harvested. For this, a wide variety of high performance machines are needed, and igus can stand up to the challenge! They are resistant against high shock and edge loads, rough, dirty environments, and can handle any temperature under the Brazilian sun.

Finding Germany in Brazil

In addition to cabins, igus products can be used in a wide variety of applications in agricultural equipment. Click here to see more examples!

We are currently on our way to Florianopolis, on a route leading us around to the coast.  I’ll continue to keep you up to date on our travels!