Brazilian Finale

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We have officially ended the tour in Brazil, coming to a close with a press conference. Many journalists showed up to see the car that they had heard about, traveling their country over the past weeks, over a route of about 3,730 miles.

Brazilian Finale

igus Brazil’s country manager, Marcello Pimenta, kicked off the conference with a welcome to the journalists, and an overview of igus history, then masses the microphone over to Marcio Marques, the Brazilian bearing product manager. Marcio presented the journalists with some information about our self-lubricating plastic bearings, and their use in the automotive industry.

Brazilian Finale.2

After his presentation, Marcio had the exciting job of introducing the visiting journalists to the star of the show- the iglide car!

Brazilian Finale.3

I also took the stage for a few minutes to explain the retrofit process of the car, and the tour so far.

We also used the press conference to turn attention to our charity donation for this leg of the tour, receiving one Euro for each KM driven. For our Brazilian charity, we are working with a children’s hospital organization started by two parents as their child was fighting cancer. After having to travel throughout the entire country to receive various treatments, the parents founded the hospital to centralize all cancer treatments in one place, making expensive travel unnecessary.

Brazilian Finale.4

The conference ended with a lively discussion among the journalists and igus representatives, and a chance to look through our famous little car.

Brazilian Finale.5

The car left the conference directly for the airport, where the car took off on its way to the Great White North – Alaska!!

We will spend more than two full months from there traveling coast to coast across the United States and Canada.

I will update you from America!!