Through the Yukon

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We have started our journey into the Yukon, driving along the famous Alcan Highway, the only road for 3,000 miles. The Yukon is known for its miles and miles of undisturbed wilderness, which includes many species of animals, countless lakes, creeks, and other unexpected surprises along the way.

Through the Yukon

The Yukon Territory is the shape of a right triangle, bordering the state of Alaska. There are very small towns and villages along the way, with hours of driving in between. We spoke with some local people, one man told us that he was sick and had to drive over two hours to the closest hospital. There is also very limited internet and cell phone reception in these towns, so if anything were to happen, you have to use your resources – a survival of the fittest lifestyle is important when living in an area like this.

Through the Yukon.2

The iglide car has traveled miles and miles through rocky, muddy, winding roads. Many other vehicles many have broken down, but the iglide car has had no problem traveling through these conditions. Surely this is because of the iglide bearings we had retrofit into the car, like iglide G300 in the brake pedal. iglide G300 is the all-around (the world!) performer, excellent for most applications. It is maintenance-free, self-lubricating, wear-resistant, and cost-effective. It is resistant to dirt and dust, which is all the car has seen since it arrived in Alaska!

Through the Yukon.3

We’ve made a few stops in Whitehorse and Watson Lake over the 3 days it took us to drive through the Yukon. Along the way, we were able to see a mother black bear and her 3 cubs, a heard of antelope, wild horses and bison, a porcupine, multiple moose, and a reindeer! It was amazing to be able to see these animals completely surrounded by their natural habitat.

Through the Yukon.4 Through the Yukon.5 Through the Yukon.6

There are so many hidden gems in the Yukon. One of the highlights for us was the hot springs in Liard, which is the second largest hot spring in Canada. This hot spring is unique, as the hot springs are on one side, so on that side, the water is extremely hot, but cools down as you move further away. We swam in the hot spring for over an hour – just the relaxation we needed after 3 longs days of driving.

Through the Yukon.7

As we headed out of the Yukon and into the Rocky Mountains, we left behind the gravel roads and found ourselves surrounded by turquoise rivers winding for miles along massive mountains. But, as usual, this was no challenge for our iglide car as it continued cruising through winding, twisting roads up into the cliffs. While the car is still running great without any problems, the exterior is looking a little rough.  What started out as a bright orange on arrival in Alaska has now turned a light brown!

Through the Yukon.8