iglide bearings for bicycle applications

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Today, the car took a drive to one of igus’ customers in the bicycle industry.  With all their advanced characteristics, iglide plastic bearings are a perfect choice for use in all sorts of bicycle applications, including in pedals, shocks, and suspensions.

Because of their light weight, bikers love plastic bearings, as they don’t weigh their bikes down the way metal components can. Because of their special features, like vibration dampening properties and resistance to dirt, chemicals and water, bike manufacturers choose igus in their designs as well.

igus’ original iglide bearing material, iglide G300, is widely used by bicycle manufacturers, in bike shocks and pedals, because it helps alleviate the company’s long term costs, as well as maintenance by their customers. The G300 material is able to absorb high shock loads that occur when biking across mountainous, uneven terrain, and while traveling at high speeds. The G300 bearings are also able to handle very high loads, perfect in a bike’s pedals, absorbing the shock of the rider pedaling. This vibration dampening and load-absorption makes for a more comfortable ride for the customer.

iglide plastics bearings are also self-lubricating, meaning there is no need for maintenance from the manufacturer or the customer. Without grease or oil, there is also a lower chance of bearing seizure and rider injury, as lubricant can be washed away or compromised in extremely wet or dirty riding conditions. With self-lubricating plastic, dirt and water does not affect the coefficient of friction.

 Even Olympic level cyclists use igus bearings in their bikes! Olympians including Sabine Spitz, who took the gold in Beijing in 2008, use igus in their bicycles’ suspensions (Sabine’s bike used iglide plastic bearings in the suspension fork). At the Athens Olympics in 2004, mountain bikers using bikes with lightweight igus plastic bearings took the gold, silver, and bronze medals. You can’t compete with that!