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From Salt Lake City it was time to head to Colorado. The drive from Utah to Colorado is a stunning ride through the desert and mountains. Moab Desert is a famous National Park in Utah and the iglide car took on another adventure and drove through Moab. The road through the desert goes through miles of red rock arches and other intricate rock formations. To give an idea of what it is like, imagine giving a child red clay to play with for the afternoon. The rocks and formations look like someone placed them carelessly on top of each other and yet they stay stacked and balanced on top of each other. For instance “Balanced Rock” is a rock formation where a round rock is balanced on top of a cylindrical rock. It gives the illusion that if the wind were to blow the rock on top would fall over. Moab was breathtaking. Almost equivalent to the Grand Canyon’s majestic aura.

The most famous of the Moab Arches 

Balanced Rock

From Moab the car drove to Golden, Colorado, right outside of Denver. While in the Denver area the car made a stop at Garden of the Gods. Garden of the Gods is a public park located in Colorado Springs. It was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1971. The garden is a miniature Moab with red rock formations staggering into the sky. But nothing will quite compare to Moab.

Once in Denver it was time for a customer visit this time to a manufacturer of bicycle suspensions. They are thinking of switching their current bearings out for iglide plastic bearings. Many manufacturers of all kinds love iglide bearings, as they are inexpensive, and provide excellent performance for the low price. Unlike many cheap plastic bearings that need to be replaced quickly, iglide plastics are all extensively tested for wear resistance, low-friction qualities, and other specific features for a wide range of applications. They also lower potential maintenance for the products the bearings are installed in, as they do not require lubrication, and will continue to operate for a long period of time with no upkeep. Unlike metal bearings, they don’t require any lubrication, like messy oils and greases, which are time consuming to properly apply, and can also become messy quickly, which can lead to dirty or damaged products, something no manufacturer wants!

Without the grease and constant care, not to mention the wide range of features and special certifications available, iglide plastics bearings are a great solution for manufacturers in nearly any industry!

igus Sales Representatives speaking with a potential customer on upcoming projects where igus bearings would be desired

A quick stop was made at the US Air Force Academy. The US Air Force Academy is home to about 4,000 students. The campus is roughly 10,000 acres and sits right below a skyline of mountains. The school holds Cadet Chapel which was dedicated in 1963 (just a year before igus was established). The chapel is based on denominations depending on the religion. Inside the chapel is tiles of stained glass that line the walls. At the back of the church there is a massive organ that sits on a balcony over looking the church.

The Dry-Tech Box in the courtyard of the Academy

Cadet Chapel

The campus

Pikes Peak is the most visited mountain in North America. It is ranked 31st in elevation among Colorado’s 54 “fourteeners”. Climbing Pikes Peak with iglide  bearings is no problem at all. These bearings are maintaining their performance while climbing to 14,115 ft at a temperature of 27º F. Starting out on our ascent, the temperature was 56º, which dropped to 27º at the summit. This was no problem for iglide bearings, which can operate at  longterm temperatures as low as -148º F. The bearings are durable for bikes and cars to climb the steepest mountains with no friction or resistance. The bearings are designed to make a smooth transition when put to work shifting and switching gears. Not only is there a temperature change but rapid weather change. At the bottom it was cloudy and dry, at about 9,000 feet the hail started to smack the windshield. But our bearings pushed through the vast change in weather and temperature. At 11,000 feet a light dust of snow started to appear on the ground. Just like their resistance to temperature changes, the changes in weather and humidity couldn’t beat our iglide bearings. Unlike their metal counterparts, iglide plastic components are not affected by water and moisture, which can rust metal and wash away lubricants, which aren’t required with iglide, as the plastic materials contain microscopic particles of solid lubricant, where rain hail, and snow can’t touch.

The snow is no match for igus bearings

The road below that leads to the top of Pikes Peak

This is a section of the 19 mile road to get to the top, extremely icy conditions with sharp turns and minimal guard rails.

From Colorado it is time to head to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota!

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