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The first stop in Wisconsin was the city of Milwaukee, the largest city in the state, and the 31st most populated city in the United States. Milwaukee is a funky little city with so many different activities. There is the art museum, beautiful Lake Michigan, Miller Park Baseball field which is home to the Brewers, a downtown area with a canal running through the middle, the Milwaukee Public Market, as well as dozens of eclectic restaurants and bars.


As mentioned above, the iglide car drove through the city to experience some of Milwaukee’s highlights, and stopped at the art museum, Miller Park, the public market, and drove along Lake Michigan. The Public Market, located in the historic Third Ward, is half food and half local vendors selling hand-crafted items on the sidewalk. The market also has street performers, and plays live music outside to be enjoyed while shopping.

Wisconsin.1.2 Wisconsin.1.3Downtown Milwaukee; the canal lined with restaurants and Shops

Wisconsin.1.4 Wisconsin.1.5

The market’s founders drew inspiration for the development from the Pike’s Place market in Seattle (which the car got to visit a few weeks ago).

Wisconsin.1.6The car posed with Lake Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes in North America

The car stayed at the Pfister Hotel, rated among the top ten most haunted hotels in the country by Travelocity. It was owned by Guido Pfister and his son Charles, and opened in 1893 after its $1 million construction. It currently has the largest hotel collection of Victorian Art in the world.

Wisconsin.1.7In front of the hotel

The halls of the hotel are eerie; doors creak open, and as you walk you can feel the presence of ghosts around the corner. There have been many encounters by guests of the hotel, but it is rumored that the ghost of Charles Pfister leaves the hotel’s staff alone, and they have a good relationship.

Wisconsin.1.8Not a still from “The Shining,” but a look at The Pfister’s eerie halls

The car was sad to leave Milwaukee and the haunted hotel, but it was time to head north to Appleton to visit customers.

Just outside Appleton, we stopped in at a manufacturer of car wash systems which use igus Energy Chain cable carriers. As the car wash moves, the Energy Chains keep the cables and hoses that supply the car wash safe and tangle-free. The iglide car took a drive through the wash, looking pristine on the drive to the warehouse after getting its wash.

Energy Chains working hard to clean the iglide car

Wisconsin.1.10The car inside the customer warehouse, where igus cable carriers are being filled and sent out for use inside car washes

Our next customer visits were to companies that specialize in agricultural and lawn equipment. These customers take advantage of iglide plastic bearings to run consistently and reliably in their equipment to help their reputation for dependable, long-lasting equipment.

Because of their resistance against chemicals, iglide bearings are not affected by the chemicals and fertilizers that can be prevalent in agricultural applications, and they are also unaffected by unavoidable dirt and dust that can clog and seize traditional ball bearings.

Manufacturers and at-home engineers both love that igus has no minimum orders, and more than 90% of all orders placed ship within 24 hours.


From Milwaukee, it’s off to Chicago for the IMTS trade show – Look for us on the road!

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