Chicago, IMTS, and the iglide car

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The iglide car has been very busy as it travels from city to city across the entire United States. Let’s take a look back at the tour’s time in the Windy City!

Chicago – The New York City of the Midwest. The iglide car headed to Chicago, where igus had set up a booth for IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show. Being one of the largest trade shows in North America, over 100,000 people had pre-registered. Hundreds of people buzzed through the igus booth over the course of the 6 day show. In fact, the booth was so busy it was often one of the last to close at the end of each day due to the busy activity.

Once the iglide car appeared outside the show, it began receiving lots of attention as well – from IMTS visitors and press editors from all over the world. The car even had a special treat- being filmed by a German media company, who are using the iglide car in an upcoming television program! They said the car (probably due to its tiny size) was the perfect fit for their film.

Check out the igus booth at IMTS! 

After leaving IMTS, iglide on tour traveled to more igus customers – this time in the Chicago area. The iglide car saw many customer applications where igus’ plastic bearings are used, including in the door systems of large busses.

iglide bearings are used in many automotive applications; 56 have been under the ultimate test over the past several months in applications inside the iglide car, but in fact, iglide bearings can be used in even more automotive applications – just as our customer uses them in large bus door hinge systems. iglide G300, the original iglide bearing, is a perfect solution in hinge systems, as they are able to handle high static loads with ease, are insensitive to dirt, corrosion resistant, and can also compensate for misalignment.

Even with all the activity surrounding IMTS and more amazing customer visits, the iglide car still managed to sneak away and have some fun. The stopped by the famous Chicago Theatre, as well as Millenium Park, which is located in the “Loop” community of Chicago. The park rests right on Lake Michigan, and was opened to the public in 2004.

Although the car couldn’t fit (hard to believe) into the Art Institute of Chicago, our bearings were able to sneak inside and take a peak at the different art displayed in the museum. Some of the most famous paintings in the world are hanging on the walls in this museum. For example, works by Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Rene Magritte and Georges Seurat.

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, by Georges Seurat, is an oil on canvas pointillism painting. Pointalism is a type of pairing where the whole canvas is made by dots to form a whole image. This painting is showing people relaxing along the Seine River in Paris. 

The car also drove down the famous Michigan Ave, equivalent to 5th Ave in New York or Rodeo Dr. in LA. While driving it passed skyscrapers such as the John Hancock Building, the Willis (Sears) Tower and the Trump Building.The John Hancock building has The Signature Room restaurant and lounge on the 95th floor with panoramic views of the city that are indescribable. This building is the seventh tallest building in the US and has America’s tallest swimming pool located on the 44th floor.

The view from the Hancock Building’s Signature Room, located on the 95th floor. 

The Willis Tower,  originally called the Sears Tower, is a 108-story skyscraper. In 1973, when it was competed, it was the tallest building in the world, surpassing the World Trade Center and keeping its title for 25 years. It is now the second tallest building in the U.S. next to the Freedom Tower in New York City.

The Willis Tower

Chicago is known for their famous skyscrapers and also for their unique foods. Garrett’s popcorn is a local favorite. The must have item on their menu is Caramel and Cheddar mix (The Chicago Mix) popcorn. While it might sound… interesting to say the least, people walk out of the store with buckets of it!

Another must eat is the Chicago Style hotdog. The ingredients are yellow mustard, chopped white onions, bright green pickled relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices, sport peppers and a dash of celery salt on a poppy seed bun – the ultimate Chicago classic!

Once the car was able to fully experience the culture of Chicago it was time to head to to Michigan.

See you on the road!