Introducing the team!

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Hey, it’s me again!

While we are on the road visiting customers, I would like to introduce you to my teammates for the European leg of iglide on tour.

Introducing the team!The crew from left to right: Sandor, myself, and Nils. 

Sandor is 19 year old, and loves to travel and discover foreign countries. With his driver’s license in his back pocket, he is responsible for the iglide car, and is ready to drive around Europe, safely, of course.

Nils is 19 as well, has a vocational certificate in media design, and loves music and photography. Therefore, I have chosen him to assist me by taking photos along the way. Nils also has experience in videography, so will help with making movies as well.

Now you know who we are, but where are we going?

Find out next time,