The Upcoming Journey

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Today, it’s time to present the schedule of iglide on tour as it makes its way through Europe.


An overview of all the countries we will visit over the next six months

The tour will be divided into two parts, separated by Christmas and New Year’s Eve. To finish up 2014, we will travel through Austria and continue to the United Kingdom by driving through the Netherlands and Belgium. From the UK, we will spend more than 3 weeks in France and continue on to Switzerland. After celebrating the New Year, we will start 2015 off on a chilly start in North Europe, starting in Norway and Sweden. Afterwards, the car is scheduled to drive South from Poland to Hungary and Turkey. Finally, we will finish with South Europe, having a look around Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Well, this is going to be quite the journey – these are only the major destinations, we will still be stopping at customers and landmarks along the way. Nevertheless, we are curious and excited about the things we will see, experience, and discover. Equipped with our cameras, the dry-tech box, and plenty of fuel, we are officially on our way!!

Check back for our first video from the road,