Giving back before moving forward!

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As we finished our Scandinavian leg of our tour, we had to take the time to make our donations to organizations in our participating countries. First up was Sweden, where €2355, or $2727, was donated to “Frihamnen – Hemlösas Hus,” or Homeless Houses Freeport, which provides help for homeless people, and works to eliminate homelessness from Sweden. Mr. Anderberg (3rd from the left in the photo below), the organization’s chairman, joined us to accept the donation.

Next was Norway, where igus GmbH and our Norwegian distributor ASI Automatikk donated to a local children’s hospital. We drove 910 km across Norway, which we rounded up to 1,000, then donated 20 Norwegian Krones for each, coming to a total donation of 20,000 NOK, or $2,630. With the money, the hospital can expand their playground, and purchase some new toys for their patients!  (from L to R: Geir Berven (ASI Automatikk AS), Elmar Reder (igus GmbH), Grete Nygård Spilling (nurse), Kjellfrid Tolfsen (nurse), Turid Stadheim (nurse), Karl Weinmeister (iglide on tour).

After making our donations to these great organizations and sadly removing our local moose decal, it was time to leave our Scandinavian hosts and head toward Szczecin, Poland.

With Poland’s head of iglide bearings, Marcin (Martin to some of us!), as our giude, we set out to explore beautiful Poland for the first time, such as the Europe’s largest wooden pier in the seaside town of Sopot, where we took some time to explore the local area.

We also had some time to take in some local historical sights. We visited the European Solidarity Center, as well as a section of the incredibly massive Malbork Castle, the largest castle by surface area in the world!

(top: Malbork Castle, bottom: European Solidarity Center)

We’ll keep you updated as we continue along the road!