Across Eastern Europe

We’ve been spending our time tracking along Eastern Europe, taking in the cold weather and the beautiful scenery along the way. In the Czech Republic, we visited some customers and met up with the eForce Prague Formula team, who organized a race against the iglide car, take a look at the vehicles involved and see if you can guess who won!

Across Eastern Europe

Guess again – in an unlikely (more like straight lucky!) turn of events, the eForce Formula car had a small technical error, leading iglide to victory!!

No competitors here – just friends!

After the race, we spent some time with our customers, showing them the iglide car and explaining about our whirlwind journey – its hard to believe that our little car has now been on the road for a year, and has crossed the 80,000 km mark!

Across Eastern Europe.2

Next up, we hit the road for Trencin, Slovakia, along with our colleague, Martin who joined in for the ride. Unfortunately, we had to cancel plans for the afternoon as heavy snow started piling up, making it impossible to continue! We decided to turn back to our hotel, which was only a few kilometers down the road, but took us nearly an hour to reach!

Across Eastern Europe.3

After the snow subsided, we took some time to see the sights in Slovakia, including Nitra Castle – built in the 11th century!!

Across Eastern Europe.4

From Nitra, we drove South to Hungary, beginning our tour of the country in Dunakiliti, a small village in the Northeastern tip of the country. There, we visited automotive customers, and Pannonhalma Archabbey, the second largest abbey of it’s kind. From Dunakiliti, it was off to Budapest, Hungary’s capital. The city’s amazing illuminated skyline stopped us in our tracks in the evening, and you can clearly see why!

Across Eastern Europe.5

Where to next? Stay tuned to find out where iglide on tour is due to travel!

Until then,