Illinois – 10/12-10/16

After stopping in to see the sights in Chicago, the car visited six igus® customers as it traveled around Illinois, including manufacturers of fitness equipment, food packaging technology, and automatic assembly Systems.

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One of our first stops was a visit with a manufacturer of automotive robotic cells, which has been using our Triflex® multi-axis cable carriers, and was one of the first users of our new Triflex® RSE retraction system. igus® self-lubricating linear systems are also being used by the company on some automated machinery for a car manufacturer.

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Next, we stopped by a gantry system manufacturer which caters to the aerospace and auto industries. Recently, this customer, which has been purchasing igus® Chainflex® cables for years, has started ordering fully-harnessed ReadyCable® systems, which include the cable carrier, cables, connectors, and accessories, all fully tested and ready to plug in. This visit also sparked some new ideas about using DryLin® linear products in a new door application.

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When the car visited Ingersoll Machine Tool, a manufacturer of large scale machine tools used for metal cutting and composition fabrication, the igus® team was given a tour of the facility. igus® E-Chains® are used to guide cables along multiple axes of motion throughout the machine.

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An automatic medical equipment company we stopped by chatted with our product experts about the possibilities of igus® E6 Energy Chains® for use in cleanroom and medical environments, and reviewed the performance of the E2 chains they are already using in their applications.

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A few customers we visited are involved with the food industry, both in processing, and packaging. Both rely on iglide® plastic bearings, which are available in food-safe materials. One of these customers also found new potential for using our Energy Chain® and cables in a new toaster application which would require cable management.

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One of our last visits through Illinois,  we stopped in at a leader in manufacturing fitness equipment, who happen to use iglide® bearings in their machines. Their engineers talked with our team about our new Tribo Tape, a self-lubricating film, for a treadmill application. Another new possibility is for using Energy Chains in the seat of a machine.

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After Illinois, it was up further North to Wisconsin, stay tuned to hear where the car travels next!

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