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October 19th-October 22nd.


The first traveling trade show in Wisconsin, was a joint visit with two customers in attendance. The first is a technology development and product design firm. They currently use igus® E2 and all iglide® products. Two new potential projects were recognized with one of the customers. The first is a ReadyCable application, and the second would utilize the Triflex® R RSE-40 retraction system, to be used on a medical device they are Engineering.


The second company is a security and audio video integrator who is not a current customer, but have experienced cable management challenges and took an interest in our Triflex® TRL and E-Spool.


They were also interested in a project for Drylin® telescoping slides, which would be used to pull drawers out of cabinets for a robot pick and place system. There was also interest in gantry systems. This company was keen on the idea that they can do their own programming to suit their specific needs instead of buying from other suppliers that already have the programming paired with the System.


One of the engineers mentioned that PRT tables, iglide®, and DryLin® products would be of particular use for custom security camera applications the company designs.


The second visit was to a manufacturer in automated machinery used to make residential glass for windows and doors. They took an interest in Chainflex® M for non-flexing applications, Triflex® R for Robo Sealer, and twisterband for sealer machines. Some of the engineers also realized the advantages of iglide® and igubal® for conveyor applications.


Another highlight from this visit was a meeting between our technical sales and assembly employees who had questions regarding the use of our products with their applications.


The traveling trade show also visited a plasma cutting machine company, which mainly uses igus® E-Chain® and Chainflex® products. Two new potential projects were recognized as a result of the visit for E-Chain® and Chainflex®. The first is a project for an RSE application into a TwisterBand, and the second is an opportunity for a drive cable.


The igus® car then visited an internationally acclaimed/recognized medical company, which provides medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, and performance solutions Services.


igus® is currently assisting in their design for a new generation model of their main MRI machine. The visit also triggered a new Triflex® R opportunity.


An engineer who stopped by the booth, inquired about high-speed material in addition to our Xiros product line. We provided material data for iglide® L500 and L250 materials.


Continuing through the state as the cold weather began to set in, the igus® car visited a robot integration company that currently uses E-Chain® and iglide® products.


During the visit an E-Spool application came to light as well as a potential application for Chainflex® cables, lead screws and belt drive tables, for manually positioning sensors inside a bagging machine.


Some of the engineers also took interest in DryLin® Q and PRT tables.


Finishing off it’s visit to Wisconsin the igus® car had the privilege of visiting a leader in American motorcycle manufacturing, popular around the world.

Wisconsin.16 Wisconsin.17

Two projects resulted from this visit, including a project for foot levers using iglide® JSM-1416-20, which would be used in manufacturing 38,000 motorcycle models a year, using two bushings per motorcycle.

Wisconsin.18 Wisconsin.19

The second potential project is for in-house fixtures using igus® lead screw tables.

Wisconsin.20 Wisconsin.21

Next the igus® car moved onto Minnesota!

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