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October 26th-30th.

In Minnesota the igus® car continued to make visits as the weather got colder. The first visit was to a manufacturer of credit cards, driver’s licenses, passports, and company badges. The mechanical engineers were very enthusiastic and familiar with igus® products because they currently use small E-Chains® in their machines.


The technical sales team recognized great potential for Chainflex® and the company’s electrical engineers were impressed that igus® fiber optic cables are rated for continuous flex, as they often use fiber optics in their products. They were also excited to learn that the sales team they met with was local and could easily meet to discuss potential projects and uses for igus® products.


In addition the company will be redesigning one of their products utilizing DryLin® N rails and carriages in the near future. Other engineers expressed interest in custom applications, new E-Chain® E7 liners, DryLin® and igubal® products.

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The igus® car also visited a manufacturer of cardiovascular, spinal and neurosurgery MRI and CT imaging equipment. They currently purchase our iglide® 240 series, B17 and 27i E-Chains® and control cables.

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Many engineers were very engaged with the Chainflex® samples displayed and potential advantages for their applications.


The Robolink® display was also very popular, sparking new opportunities for applications utilizing iglide® 300 parts and linear bearings, in addition to a PRT application.

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Continuing through Minnesota, the igus® car visited the largest North-American manufacturer of a wide variety of stone working equipment, including CNC saws and routers.

Minnesota.11During this visit, the Midwest winter started to kick in and hail began to fall. The customer had us set up in a weather shelter to avoid the freezing conditions. 


One of the highlights was meeting their new Vice President of engineering, who attended the event and spent a significant amount of time talking with the technical sales team and looking over the wide range of products igus® offers.

Minnesota.13 Minnesota.14

The VP noticed the potential for fully harnessed Energy Chain® systems for their new sabre saw. There was also a recognized potential for new projects using E7 liners, in addition to DryLin® R, PRT, and slide tables.


The next visit was to a manufacturer of packaging equipment where iglide® and some E-Chain® products are currently in use. The technical sales team recognized the opportunity for Chainflex® products in the future at this manufacturer, as well as Triflex® which was discussed with engineers visiting the booth.


A number of new projects were generated for iglide® products utilizing DryLin® R, Xiros products, PRT, and various slide tables.


The last visit in Minnesota was to a systems engineering firm specializing in automated manufacturing and material handling equipment. This long-time customer recently installed a robot in a commercial setting which interacts directly with customers to deliver products on demand (in 30 seconds!) using E-Chain®.


During the visit, applications for an articulating robot project and vending machines were discussed, along with applications for ReadyCables, E-spool, slide tables, and a high temperature application for iglide® X6 bearings.


As the winter began to descend upon Minnesota, the igus® car saw some snow, and started to drive West, toward the Rocky Mountains. Next stop; Denver, Colorado!

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