Adventures at 6,500 Feet

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November 13th-16th

After finishing customer visits in Colorado the igus® car headed toward Jackson Hole, Wyoming into even colder weather. Jackson Hole is located in the Teton Mountain Range, home to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and the National Elk Refuge, as well as the famed Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Adventures at 6,500 Feet

Adventures at 6,500 Feet.2

Jackson Hole is well-known for it’s wild west flavor, making it home to cowboys, ski and snowboarders, professional mountain climbers, mountain bikers, nature photographers, and Americans who love the outdoors.

Adventures at 6,500 Feet.3 Adventures at 6,500 Feet.4

The town was named by Margret Simpson, who received Western-bound mail at her home before there was a post office. She chose to name it after David Edward Jackson, a beaver trapper who spent winters in the valley of the Teton Mountains in the 1820s.

Adventures at 6,500 Feet.5

Many species of wild-life call the valley and mountains home, including grizzly bears, elk, beavers, moose, herds of bison, wolves, and pronghorn.

Adventures at 6,500 Feet.6

This mountain range is also well known for it’s steep and challenging terrain, with a peak elevation of 13,770 feet, making it the perfect place for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Adventures at 6,500 Feet.7 Adventures at 6,500 Feet.8A snow storm moving in over the Tetons

The resort is iconic, renowned for it’s luxurious hotels, cabins, restaurants, and activities including expert level skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, horse-back riding, and rock climbing. Local cuisine includes a host of red-meats, most popular of which is often bison steak, sampled by the igus® Team.

Adventures at 6,500 Feet.9A woman taking her horse for a ride through the hiking trails available in Grand Teton National Park

While visiting Jackson Hole, the igus® car took a trip through Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge, spotting a few Elk along the drive, exploring snow-covered roads, and was photographed in front of Mormon Row—a series of picturesque barns set against the stunning backdrop of the majestic, snow-covered Teton Mountains.

Adventures at 6,500 Feet.10An elk spotted in the National Elk Refuge

Adventures at 6,500 Feet.11

After an adventurous weekend, the igus® car headed to Salt Lake City, Utah for more customer visits before heading further west.

Adventures at 6,500 Feet.12 Adventures at 6,500 Feet.13 Adventures at 6,500 Feet.14The car drove through Idaho on its way to Salt Lake City, making that its 24th state it has been to in the U.S.

Adventures at 6,500 Feet.15 Adventures at 6,500 Feet.16

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