Home of the Great Salt Lake

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After an adventurous weekend in Jackson Hole, it was time to get back to visits and head to Salt Lake City, Utah!

Home of the Great Salt Lake

Arriving in Salt Lake City, the igus® car tour was excited to visit more customers. The city is situated near The Great Salt Lake, which is has a footprint of more than one million acres, and is actually larger than the state of Delaware.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.2Part of The Great Salt Lake

The city is also very close to the mountains which makes the area a popular destination for winter sports. In fact, the snow storms that dump snow onto the area lose moisture and pick up speed as they head inland from the Pacific Ocean. This makes the snow more like a fine powder, colder and drier—ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and other sports. This also makes it the perfect spot for the Winter Olympics, which were held in Salt Lake City in 2002.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.3

The igus® car made it’s first stop at a worldwide distributor of dental products and equipment. The weather was cold, but with hot chocolate in hand for everyone, the igus® booth and car were very popular. Cable management challenges on a rotational cable application prompted potential for E-Chain® products.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.4 Home of the Great Salt Lake.5

Engineers were also intrigued by the FDA approved materials offered by igus®, which would be particularly useful as specialized materials and components are often required in the company’s dental products. igubal® and Dryspin products were also a hit, prompting more discussion for applications and prospective Projects.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.6

The next visit was to a company specializing in automated warehousing solutions. The igus® car’s visit encouraged discussion of possibilities for an E-Chain® application, as well as potential for Ready Cable solutions incorporating newer models which represent igus’® commitment to innovative design and creative solutions.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.7 Home of the Great Salt Lake.8

The third stop was to a manufacturer of passenger jetway systems that had utilized E-Chain® and Chainflex® products in the past. During the visit opportunities arose for an application for the E-Spool paired with a custom cable. In addition engineers noticed potential uses for DryLin® W on a horizontal festoon system, and discussed custom igubal ball screws which could be used to raise and lower the jetway systems they manufacture.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.9 Home of the Great Salt Lake.10jpg Home of the Great Salt Lake.11

The last stop in Utah was to a manufacturer of automated turf harvesting equipment with growing potential for drytech® and E-Chain®. The igus® car was able to meet the engineering team and shop assemblers who had a chance to look at the car and the wide range of igus® products displayed.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.12

The employees at this company were particularly enthusiastic about the visit, and were very responsive and engaged. Engineers were interested in E-Chain® which could be used to accommodate rotation in a seat application, as well as an opportunity for hybrid igubal® pillow blocks.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.13 Home of the Great Salt Lake.14 Home of the Great Salt Lake.15 Home of the Great Salt Lake.16

Leaving Utah it was time for the igus® car to make it’s way to California for sightseeing and customer visits. En route the car had the chance to stop at two iconic locations.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.17

The first stop was to the Bonneville Salt Flats, in Nevada. The car drove past the Great Salt Lake, and crossed from Utah to Nevada being welcomed by the Salt Flats.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.18

The Flats is a densely packed salt pan, stretching over 30,000 acres which is perfectly flat creating vast, dazzling landscape. In the center of the flats, the crust of salt is up to five feet thick! In the summer, the salt forms a compact surface, but in the winter the salt has more moisture, making it softer and easier to pick up.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.19 Home of the Great Salt Lake.20

The flat, packed salt also makes it the perfect location for motorcar racing, beginning in 1914. Five major land speed events take place here annually, welcoming cars, trucks, and motorcycles, during which racers compete to set new speed records. Numerous automotive commercials have also been shot in this location over the years.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.21

After the Flats, En route to California, the car also had the chance to stop at Lake Tahoe, which sits on the border of Nevada and California.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.22

It is known for it’s perfectly clear water and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States, and the sixteenth deepest in the world, reaching depths of 1,645 feet.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.23 Home of the Great Salt Lake.24

After climbing Mt. Rose (which has a peak elevation of 10,778 feet), the car descended through the snow-covered mountain into Incline Village, a small town which sits on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.25

Incline Village offers beautiful vistas that overlook the stunning panorama of mountains, forest, and water. Well-known for it’s natural scenic beauty, the area is a popular destination for mountain bikers, skiers, snowboarders, hikers, and sailors.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.26

In the evening, the igus® team was lucky enough to witness a brilliant sunset, with numerous rich colors reflecting perfectly on the still waters of the lake, changing minute to minute, framed by the mystical backdrop of the mountains.

Home of the Great Salt Lake.27

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