Sin City, Valley of Fire, and Red Rocks

After a break for the holiday season, the igus® car tour was ready to hit the road! Beginning in Las Vegas, NV, everyone was eager to kick off in the Southwestern region with some more adventure.


To start, the car took in The Las Vegas Strip for the second time.


“The Strip” is an iconic 4-mile stretch of bright lights and flashing signs. It’s known for its 24-hour casinos, ornate themed hotels, clubs, ritzy restaurants, elaborate shows, and buzzing energy.


Fountains of Bellagio at the Bellagio Hotel

2016 is the centennial year for the United States National Parks Service. The National Parks have often been called “America’s best idea” and began when President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill in 1916 creating an agency to conserve the parks.


The tour landed in the Southwest right at the start of the centennial year, making it the perfect time to visit the parks! The Southwest is home to the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Death Valley!


The car tour visited the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park the first tour through the U.S., so this time was spent visiting other parks.


The car’s first Southwestern adventure was to Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area.


It is a world away from the lavish lights of Las Vegas, featuring 197,000 acres of internationally acclaimed rock-climbing, mountain biking, and geological features, as well as diverse wildlife, and Native American encampments.


The igus® team spotted long horn sheep on their way out of the park!


A 13-mile scenic loop displays panoramic views of milky-white limestone, alternating with iron-rich red sandstone, each brightly contrasting each other in a rainbow of rocky forms.


Driving further into the park the mountains become solid limestone, leading to evergreen forest –an unexpected sight in the desert.


The conservation area is also a protected habitat for the Desert Tortoise, one of which lives at the visitor’s center and is considered the park mascot. The tortoise is named Mojave Max.


Ready for another park, the car took a trip to Valley of Fire State Park, which is well-known for it’s slot canyons, arches, and unique geological formations.


Many of the rocks in the valley are a deep rust color, formed from shifting desert sands over 150 million years ago which have since eroded to create the present-day landscape.


Other rock formations are pink, cream, red, and even white in color, and at certain vista points visitors can admire a multi-colored backdrop stretching for miles.


Some visitors say the rocks appear to be on fire when it’s very sunny, reflecting the sun’s powerful desert rays.


The igus® car was feeling very adventurous at Valley of Fire and drove between these two rock formations for a picture

Average high temperatures in the summer reach over 100° Fahrenheit (37°C).


As the team hiked through the park, many rocks which lined the trails were jagged and rough, opposing the occasionally smooth surface of certain rock formations, which are curved and rounded by millions of years of erosion.


One example of this phenomenon is the “Fire Wave”, a formation made up of red sand and paler limestone which rounds and curves as if it is moving.


The trail allows visitors to climb some of the rocks, and the team took the chance to climb up onto some of the steep formations.


The igus® team stayed until the park closed and got to see the moonrise over the rocks before leaving.


After lots of exploring, the igus® car was ready to meet more customers!


Our igus® car made a friend at one of our Nevada customers!

The tour and technical sales team met with a company that manufactures rough terrain construction lifts as well as modular buildings called “cubes”.


This customer is using Chainflex® on all of their new projects, and one engineer shared his personal experience working on an important project overseas, when he discovered that igus® had the only cable that worked.


The engineers and team also found an opportunity to use iglide® bearings in the hinges and DryLin® on some slides of the company’s modular buildings.


The next visit for the Motion Plastics Car Tour was an exciting change of pace. The team visited the University of Las Vegas (UNLV), where many students were gearing up for their spring semester.

image30026 image30027

Driving the car through the buzzing campus created curiosity amongst the students. It must not be every day a little orange car zips down the sidewalks of UNLV!


Even more curiosity arose once the team set up the traveling trade show. Many professors, medical, biology, mechanical and electrical engineering students stopped by to visit the booth.


The igus® technical sales team gave away lots of samples and let students know that they can receive free products for upcoming engineering projects.


This seemed to energize many students who were beginning to work on projects for the end of the semester.


By the end of the visit, the team had spoken to dozens of students who walked away motivated to learn more about using igus® components in the future.


The next stop for the car was Arizona!

Thanks for reading,

Kayla & Bridgette