Crusin’ Down the Pacific Coast Highway

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After conquering NorCal, it was time to head to SoCal and part with the red woods, wineries and cooler weather. The igus® car was then en route towards The Hollywood Sign, iconic beaches, warmer weather, and a dry-tech® sales meeting!



Cruising down the California coast, the igus® car tour made a brief stop at Pismo Beach, located mid-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

image20003 image20004

While it used to be known as “The Calm Capital of the World”, today it is a popular spot for hiking, swimming, surfing, biking, and vacationing.


Sand dollars found on the beach

The beach is also renowned for it’s stunning scenery, prominent pier, and colorful sunsets with occasional dolphin sightings. The igus® team was fortunate enough to spot a few dolphins while on the beach.

image20006 image20007

Under the pier


The first customer visit in Southern California (SoCal), was to an OEM of medical imaging systems.



This customer currently utilizes Chainflex® M and various DryLin® products. They are currently working with igus® to develop custom DryLin® pieces.



The technical sales team displayed new products such as the Robolink, Tribotape, and linear slides made of carbon fiber.

image20011 image20012

New applications for DryLin® SD were discussed with the CEO and the head of mechanical engineering, as well as E6 series E-Chain® opportunities which would suit the company’s specific design needs.


The next stop for the igus® car tour was to an OEM for desktop printers, card printing, and handheld scanners. They are currently working with igus® on an application prototype.


he igus® team decided to add some Holiday spirit to the booths during the December visits

A design and development engineer at this company came straight to our team with a problem involving misalignment on shafts due to their injection molded clamshell design. He was presented with a solution utilizing igus® igubal® spherical bearings.


The engineer was very pleased with the recommendation and is currently pursuing the opportunity to eliminate misalignment using igubal® bearings with his team.


Moving farther south, the next stop was to a company that creates special effects for theme parks, rides, and attractions. Many of the company’s engineers and contractors came to visit the booth and car.


The owner of the company came and expressed appreciation for the visit, and said how it’s a convenient opportunity to demo different igus® products.


The engineers explained that many of their projects move quickly and took interest in the E-spool which may be useful for an upcoming project. They also showed interest in other E-Chain® products that would allow for zig-zag movement on various future applications.


Next the tour moved onto visit the imagineering division at Walt Disney World, Glendale. This particular division specializes in theme-park entertainment; designing rides and special effects.


Over 35 imagineers visited the booth, along with students, interns, and employees from various other departments


Our sales team had the opportunity to show off the ‘expert system’ which can instantaneously predict the lifetime of an igus® bearing online after just a few questions.


The imagineers were further impressed with some newer products like the Robolink®, Tribotape, and Tribofilament for 3D printing.


Triflex® is currently being used on an upcoming project and E6 series E-Chain® is being considered for an animatronics application.


After finishing visits for the day the igus ® car tour climbed through The Hollywood Hills where the world famous Hollywood sign is perched. The sign rests on Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains.


The sign is an American landmark representing the film industry, celebrity pop culture, and the glamorous lifestyle associated with Hollywood and Los Angeles. It was constructed in 1923 and has been rebuilt and painted several times, eventually becoming a popular place for photo opportunities. The igus® car wasn’t about to miss this photo opportunity and promptly had it’s photo taken.


The next visit was to a company which specializes in manufacturing complex, electromechanical products and equipment. Both dry-tech® and E-Chain® products are currently being used in this company’s designs.


Engineers who visited the booth were particularly interested in Tribotape, and asked about holding another igus® traveling trade show later in the year.


The next visit for the tour was to a company that develops pick-and-place semiconductor test handlers and thermal sub-systems.


Despite the rainy morning, engineers at this visit were very eager to learn more about iglide® Barstock, Tribotape, DryLin®, and custom machine bearings.


Both engineers and the igus® team enjoyed the opportunity to meet face-to-face to discuss products and potential applications where igus® could provide valuable solutions.


As the igus® car drove even farther south towards its final California destination, it made a quick visit off the Pacific Coast Highway to Huntington and Laguna Beach.


Huntington Beach boasts an impressive 9.5 mile-long stretch of beach, and is known as “Surf City”. It is the site of various competitions and has a thriving surf culture and community.

image20033 image20034 image20035

The city also has a world-famous pier bustling with tourists, vendors, and a restaurant at the end of the pier. The beach itself hosts surfing, volleyball, soccer, and fishing competitions annually, along with car shows, a marathon, and film festival.


Laguna Beach is a 7 mile-long stretch of sand and rocky coast-line, dotted with scenic coves and caves. While visiting Laguna Beach, the igus car® drove onto the sand for a photo.


The seaside city of Laguna is also noted for it’s impressive trails in the foothills, used for mountain biking.

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In Dana Point, the car tours final California destination, the car met up with the West Coast and Southeastern dry-tech® Sales Meeting!

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The tour joined the dry-tech team for their sales meeting activity, a dolphin and whale watching expedition.

image20045 image20046

While on the high-tech catamaran sailboat, igus® employees spotted dozens of seals, and over one hundred dolphins as they cruised through the chilly pacific waters off the coast of Dana Point.

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After the three-week California adventure, the igus® car headed to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the second time!

Spending the holidays on the sun-drenched strip of Vegas the igus® car took a rest, gearing up for the next leg of the journey.



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