Driving Through the Sonoran Desert

Leaving Las Vegas, it was time for the Motion Plastics® car and team to head to Arizona to visit more customers!


Driving from Sin City to Phoenix, the car tour headed south on 93 which runs directly over the Hoover Dam and through a 74 miles stretch of Joshua Trees. This stretch is known as “Joshua Tree Parkway of Arizona”.


The igus® car driving over the Hoover Dam


Joshua Trees got their name from Mormon settlers who thought the shape reminded them of the bushy-bearded biblical leader, Joshua.

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The Mormon settlers did not realize at the time the “Joshua Trees” are actually members of the agave family, making them plants.


Arriving in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, for only a night, the team decided to take a brief walking tour through the City.


Phoenix is situated in the Sonoran Desert which is often called the “Valley of the Sun”, known for the clear, sunny skies, hot, dry days and cool nights.


It also has the most structurally diverse flora in the United States. Giant saguaro cacti, agave plants, and palms trees blanket the desert for hundreds of miles.


The area is home to mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, rattle snakes, and hundreds of other animals who survive in the extreme desert weather.


Phoenix also boasts a large number of abstract and figurative sculptures which are scattered through the downtown area, including ceramic tiled murals, figures posing in various dance poses, and a giant suspended vortex which is lit up at night.


Outside Phoenix the team visited a company that designs and builds laser work stations for medical products.


The customer is currently using E-Chain®, but had not previously used iglide® or DryLin® products.


Exploring different options the design team was impressed with the smooth quality of DryLin® N linear slides for automated doors, and also looked into utilizing lead screws on a work Station.

image40014 image40015

One customer got creative at a visit and tried our chip clips as earrings. They look good right?


Continuing to build a positive relationship with this company, the owner said he was interested in using more igus® components in all of their products.


After a few other visits with customers the car moved onto the next destination; Tucson, Arizona!

image40018 image40019

Like Phoenix, Tucson is also located in the Sonora Desert. Tucson is surrounded by five mountain ranges, and gets an average of 350 days of sunshine a year!


Visited by the Paleo-Indians up to 12,000 years ago, the city has a strong Native American culture, as well as a strong sense of Mexican influence (located only 60 miles north of the U.S.-Mexican border).


Both cultures play into the artwork, architecture, food, and arts represented in the city, including large outdoor murals and sculptures, tiles, pottery, jewelry stores, museums, and galleries.


This gives many of the neighborhoods an eclectic vibe which lends itself to delicious food based on the blending heritages represented in the City.

image40024 image40023

In Tucson the tour went to visit a company that machines automotive components using materials such as duplex steels, fiberglass and mesh.

image40025 image40026

Some mechanical engineers were not very familiar with igus®, and upon seeing the products immediately began to think of new ways to use the variety of products available.


One mechanical engineer was thrilled to see the flexibility of Triflex® TRE and wanted to test it on some of their robots.


Meanwhile, the ease with which dryspin® and DryLin® products glide inspired various uses for the different applications engineers were working to develop.


After visiting more customers near Tucson, the igus® car and team were headed to the next state on the list which is also known as “The Lone Star State”—Texas!


Thanks for reading,

Kayla & Bridgette