Rio Grande do Sul

We have left the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, and have entered the country's southernmost state, Rio Grande do Sul, which borders with Argentina in the West, and Uruguay in the South. Rio do Sul is famous for it's endless sand beaches, only broken up by the estuaries of two large lakes. At the heart of of of the lakefront is the capital city, Porto Alegre. 



While São Paulo is the economic center of Brazil, there is a major logistical problem - There is no direct access to the sea. Because of this, all goods manufactured in São Paulo and the surrounding areas is transported to Santos, the nearest port city. 


Traveling through São Paulo

We left sunny Rio, and went back to spend a few more days in São Paulo. We are now beginning our travels South toward the border with Argentina. Between Rio and São Paulo, we stopped overnight in a village called Penedo. Just by chance, the village turned out to be a Finnish Colony, with most buildings looking more Scandinavian than Brazilian.