Travels Through Switzerland

As iglide on tour's time in Switzerland wrapped up, we celebrated the anniversaries of igus and iglide at the Swiss headquarters. The team donated two Swiss Francs per kilometer driven, totaling 3,182 CHF, or $3,295 based on our travel. 

Gilbert Giger of the VEBO Cooperative receives a check from Lutz Alof, CEO of igus Switzerland. 


Photo of the Day

After a very busy day of visiting customers in three different industries (packaging, rapid prototyping, and transport), We stopped for a break at the Rhine Falls - or Rheinfall if you speak German! At 450 feet wide and 75 feet high, Rhine Falls is the largest plain waterfall in all of Europe. 

 Have a great weekend! 


Photos of the day!

Where would be the best spot in Switzerland for a press conference? How about the top of the Schilthorn - the nearly 10,000 feet high summit in the Bernese Alps?!  


Now... how do we get the iglide car up there? 



...And before we knew it...

The iglide car carrives at a platform 9,744 feet above sea level


The iglide car's tour de France

We have finished iglide on tour's "Tour de France," finishing the route in Strasbourg - the official seat of the European Parliament. After the final customer visits, there was a tragic accident, where the iglide car was sliced clean in half!

A buttercream car cake - delicious!! 

While in France, we took the time to see a few of the local sights, including the massive 100 foot tall Christmas tree in Strasbourg's central square, Place Kléber. 

Not too far away was the "Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg," the sixth-tallest church in the world, and one of the world's most famous examples of Gothic-era architechture. The cathedral is massive - 466 feet tall, and the tallest building still in existence built entirely in the Middle Ages. 

Check back to see where in the world iglide on tour heads next! 

Photo of the Day

Déjà vu! The iglide car had seen the Statue of Liberty in New York City over the summer, and now again in Paris! 

There are actually four replicas of the statue across Paris, including this one near the Grenelle Bridge on the Île aux Cygnes, a man-made island in the Seine River. This replica of Lady Liberty, which was a gift to America from France in the late 1800's, stands just under 38 feet high, and faces Southeast toward her American sister.

The Statue of Liberty and the dry-tech box - both international superstars! Wink