Photos of the Day!

We hopped on a plane (for hours and hours and hours) to follow the car all the way to Anchorage, Alaska.

Photos of the Day!14.1

It is summer here, so instead of being covered in snow and ice, the entire landscape is lush and green. Stay tuned as we begin our travels from Alaska, through the Yukon, and on to the USA!

Photos of the Day!14.2

Photos of the Day!14.3


At the Great Wall of China!

The iglide car has reached its second wonder of the world!! We are visiting an area of the Great Wall of China near Beijing. This was the closest we were able to get a photo of the car against the wall. If you didn’t know what to expect, I don’t think anyone would guess that this is a “Great” wall; its only been maintained in certain areas.  Even though its isn’t as exciting looking as i expected, being at a place with such immense history is what struck me as great.

At the Great Wall of China!

The car couldn’t come up onto the wall, of course, so I took the dry-tech box along instead.

At the Great Wall of China!.2 At the Great Wall of China!.3

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