Taj Mahal Photo Special!

The iglide car has reached one of the Seven Wonders of the World! Despite the fact that we tried everything, we couldn’t get the car close enough to the Taj Mahal to get a great photo. After talking with some locals and asking for advice, they lead us here to the closest possible point.  

I feel bad that we couldn´t get a better picture, iglide with a world wonder! To compensate, I decided I’d add a few more of my photos of our trip to the Taj Mahal for you instead.  




Photo of the Day, February 10th

Photo of the Day, February 10th

Today, a child came up to me, wide-eyed and pointing at a balloon, which we had tied to the framework of our booth as decoration.  I untied one, and handed it to him, and as I did, a whole group of children came over and wanted balloons, too! We climbed onto chairs and tables to give them the remaining ones around the booth.  It was really heart-warming to see how happy we could make them with just a small gift!

Photo of the Day!1

Can anyone name the temple in the background??

This is Akshardam, a famous Hindu temple complex in New Delhi. The temple, which was in the planning stages since 1968, finally opened its doors to visitors in 2006. Akshardam is recognized by Guinness World Records as being the largest comprehensive Hindu temple. That doesn’t stop three other Indian temples from claiming they’re the largest!

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