Let’s go south! Jaipur to Ahmmedabad

iglide in the desert, and a visit to a manus winner are my topics for the day! Let me first introduce you to one of our local customers in Ahmedabad.  With 5 million citizens, Ahmedabad is the largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat, which is, by the way, the only state in India where alcohol is strictly forbidden by law.  Anyways, on a small street in bustling Ahmedabad is the EEWA Engineering factory, a traditional family company, and one of our customers.

Let’s go south! Jaipur to Ahmmedabad

EEWA Engineering was founded in 1947 and employs about 20 people. The company specializes in custom machines, mostly for sealing and packaging, which are sold worldwide. EEWA has been purchasing igus parts for decades, but became our regular customer only about 2 years ago.

Let’s go south! Jaipur to Ahmmedabad.2

A few years back, The CEO of EEWA, Mr. Prakash, asked igus India for technical support for one of his machines, which was too heavy as it was. On the first visit, an igus sales manages spent nearly half a day at the factory, advising and supporting Mr. Prakash, who was able to lower the weight of the machine using igus plastic components. Mr. Prakash was so happy with the support he received from igus that since that first visit, he has become a regular customer.

Let’s go south! Jaipur to Ahmmedabad.3

On the recommendation of an igus sales manager, EEWA participated in the igus manus program in 2013, which awards innovative applications for iglide plastic bearings. EEWA entered the competition with a hot-stamping machine that utilizes a DryLin SLW linear slide, , as well as DryLin W and DryLin N systems.  The DryLin W, which moves the stamp in the machine moves vertically about 30 times each minute.

The products that the machine need to stamp vary in size, so the application must be flexible. The SLW system ensures that the height of the stamp can be easily adjusted.

Let’s go south! Jaipur to Ahmmedabad.4

Additionally, DryLin N ensures the handling of the base plates. According to the size of the product, as well as where the stamp is to be placed, everything must be in the right position. DryLin N enables the adjustment of the base plates on both the X and Y axes.

Let’s go south! Jaipur to Ahmmedabad.5

In the stamping process, the igus products are coming into contact with chemicals. Because of this, Mr. Prakash required a product not only light in weight, but also with chemical resistance, making DryLin a perfect fit. All in all, he has equipped more than 20 machines with igus products so far, and my impression is that many more will follow suit. He’s so fond of igus that he’s even suggested we extend our business!

If you are reading this, Mr. Prakash, I’d like to thank you again for your hospitality, the delicious tea, and the encouragement you gave me during our interviews.

Now, moving back a few hundred miles, let’s leave green Ahmedabad with its parks and shopping malls and other reminders of modern society and go to rural India; Pushkar to be exact. Let’s explore the foothills of the Indian desert!

Let’s go south! Jaipur to Ahmmedabad.6

Our car sped along the dusty, sandy slopes, and our car and the iglide products inside made it through without a problem.  They made it through better than I did, that’s for sure.  I forgot the sunscreen!  It wasn’t a pretty sight, me, the pale European from rainy Germany in a desert without sunscreen!

It was really interesting to see our surroundings change as we traveled. Camels began to appear alongside cars and trucks, the greenery starting disappearing, until eventually we were surrounded by the desert. We also saw monkey as I’ve never seen them before. Really, there’s not much more I can describe, its best to let the photos speak for themselves.

Let’s go south! Jaipur to Ahmmedabad.7 Let’s go south! Jaipur to Ahmmedabad.8

I’m writing this post on our way to Daman, located in the coast a little more than 90 miles North of Bombay, We’ve combined this trip with visiting our amazing customers, so on the way we left one of our escort vehicles behind. The driver forgot to get gas, and is now stranded somewhere on the highway! I’m getting the feeling this is going to be a long day…

Don’t worry; I’ll keep you guys up to date!