Another day at the Auto Expo!

The iglide car seems to be the main attraction at the fair; some visitors have been asking if they can purchase it, some are even making offers! The booth has been crowded with visitors and potential customers from all over the world. Our car wasn’t the only reason for our booth’s success, instead of just letting our products speak for themselves, we are focusing on customer interaction.

To do this, we’ve included lots of interactive and fun things throughout the booth, like a racing game where visitors can compete against each other and test their driving skills, and another game to test their knowledge of the iglide car.

We’ve combined this interaction with various other forms of media. In the booth, we’ve put up a big screen showing our “iglide on tour” video teaser and funny clips from igus, accompanied by some exciting upbeat music.

We’ve also set up a service for our visitors so they all get the best photos of our car! Rather than everyone fighting for the perfect shot, we’ve arranged a photographer, so by signing up via email or social media, our visitors will have their photo sent directly to them, or tagged with their name!

All in all the response we’ve seen has been great. Word is spreading, and our iglide car is slowly becoming famous! For instance, during dinner, one of my Indian colleagues got a call from his father, who had seen an article on our car published almost 400 miles away in Kanpur!

Until Next Time,