Into the wild

Abandoned in the woods with nothing but forest as far as the eyes can see – iglide on tour has landed in Alaska, the largest state in the US, with the lowest population.

Into the wild

Currently, Alaska’s population stands at about 710,000 with an area of 587,878 square miles  – bigger than the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th largest US states (California, Texas, and Montana) combined. The first stop on the North American tour is Anchorage, Alaska. Approximately half of the entire state’s population lives here. We were able to take in some of the sights in Anchorage, like Ship Creek, a popular salmon fishing spot. The salmon that you see coming out of the water here could easily feed ten people at a time.

Into the wild.2

Another point of interest is Flat Top Mountain, an incredibly beautiful hiking spot.

Into the wild.3

The city of Anchorage is filled with amenities that you see in the rest of the United States, like Starbucks and Barnes and Noble, making it a great place to stock up on necessities if you are planning on trekking out away from the city for any extended period of time. To prepare for our journey, we needed to stock up on gas, water, flashlights, and batteries. It was clear how stocking up in the city is very important as we headed north out of Anchorage towards Tok, roughly a 10 hour drive. The journey took us through vast forests and across mountains without any cell phone reception.

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You only need to drive about 10 miles out of Anchorage to wind up in the middle of nothing but pure nature.

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Many of the roads here are in very rough condition. While this isn’t convenient for us, it is no problem at all for the plastic bearings in the car, after all, they are designed to face harder shocks and vibrations than they would ever encounter along an Alaskan road!

Into the wild.8

While there is no real civilization outside of Anchorage, you can still spot houses scattered off the highway where people have chosen to live deep within the wilderness. Tok is a small ghost town off Alaska highway 1 with no other population for miles. We arrived very late, about 1:30 AM, to learn that our motel rooms had been sold. Luckily, there was another motel nearby that happened to have two spare rooms.

Into the wild.9

On day two, we headed South East out of Tok towards the Canadian border, into the treacherous Yukon.

Into the wild.10

The car got its first American attention at a local gas station as people started taking photos of the car and asking about our journey.Currently, we are moving forward, with about 3,000 miles before we reach our first destination, Vancouver, Canada. Along the way, we plan to stop in Whitehorse and Tatogga Lake, both in British Columbia, Canada.

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